Simon Scott was born in Melbourne, surrounded by its design, architecture and creative culture. With design instinct from a young age, it's been a natural evolution to influential designer, with his work featuring in magazines and publications around the world.


Self-taught, Simon deferred his architecture degree and went on to form Simon Scott design in 2004 at the age of 19, with a vision to re-define the main feature of the home: the kitchen.


"I wanted to enhance the way people live in the kitchen, to design a space where you can relax, cook and entertain in style."


His design vision has led to a portfolio of over 600 coveted commercial and luxury residential kitchen projects across Australia, with extensive work completed in Sydney and Melbourne.


His success has given him the opportunity to travel the world, visiting 14 countries in 5 continents, absorbing the architecture, culture and lifestyle of every place. At 25, he was one of the youngest international designers at the world's top design event 'Milan Design Week' in Italy, and he has attended 'Cologne Design Week' in Germany. He is well-connected with design talent from London, Munich, Cologne, and Amsterdam.


"With my design work, I set out to create an atmosphere that draws people to it. Like a work of art, I know it will continue to be enjoyed for years to come."